Reflection- Positive Petals


This week in class, we got to make a flower with our names in the middle. Then we walked around with a pencil and wrote something nice on other people’s petals. It made me feel good with the positive comments people wrote on my flower petals.


Reflection – Swimming


This week, my class 4S participated in Year four swimming. My favourite day of swimming was Friday because we went on a huge inflatable thing and got free time in a small pool. On the inflatable thing there was a maze that pushes you off, a rope that you had to swing across and a long slide.

In the small pool we got to go on noodles and throw small balls around with our friends. I liked the rope on the inflatable thing the most, even though I couldn’t get past it!

There was also six groups depending on how well you could swim, I was put in group 4.                                                        (1= Not very confident swimmers/6= Very confident swimmers)