Coding Information Text

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind games? It’s extremely confusing, but interesting.

About Coding:
Coding can be extremely complicated, for example, have you ever seen a bunch of digit and letters? There are lots of different types/formats of coding-for example, line coding, source coding and lots of other different codes.

Cracking Codes:
To be able to crack a code you need to do a lot of different calculations. You also need to practise for many years to be able to understand a code and be an expert. You need to concentrate a lot to crack a code.

The start of coding:
You may not believe it but, coding just started out as  a lot of zero’s and one’s. Coding first started happening in World War Two in 1939-1945. There is a machine that could crack simple codes, however it takes a long time!

Coding may be difficult, but there are some programs that make it more simple like Scratch, so you can make your own simple games! Enjoy having fun coding!


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