Year 4 – Camp Group 2

I felt happy about going to camp because I knew we would have a fantastic time there.That night before camp my mum packed my bags for camp.That morning as we got to the city we had to do a lot of walking to get to the Melbourne Discovery Centre.

When we get there we had to put our bags in the centre then do even more walking to The Shrine Of Remembrance for lunch.After lunch we got to go inside of it!It was so cool!We got to see rare thing from World War One and World War Two!

After that we had to walk even more to a tram.Then we finally for the day went went on a river cruise around the Yarra River and we saw tons of different places!

We then walked back to the Melbourne Discovery Centre.When we got there we did activities in our camp booklets.Then we had dinner which was Spaghetti Bolognese, it tasted absolutely delicious.When we finished we had to have a shower and get in our pyjamas.We then had to go to bed for the morning, because we were going to do more walking in the morning.

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