Summary – Exploring Space

At school today we had to do a summary of a book we read, this is my summary:

Space is the biggest thing in the universe, for example if you thought Earth was big think again. Thing of the Sun it is around 4.8 billion years old and has a diameter of 1.4 million kilometres. There are billions of galaxies like the Antennae galaxy, Sombrero galaxy and the one that we’re in is a small party of The Milky Way galaxy called the solar system. In The Solar System there are eight planets and one dwarf planet which is called Pluto. The other planets are Saturn, Earth, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Venus.

Some planets have lots of moons and some don’t. These are two planets amounts of moons they have, Jupiter has sixty-three moons and Earth only has one as you should already know . Earth has a circumference of 40,075 kilometres.Photo on 29-05-2015 at 10.15 am

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